Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pick an Excuse

Keeping up with the blogging babble hasn’t been at the top of my list lately. I’ve been too bogged down (gently however) with other ways to spend my time. Pick an excuse:

Planning, executing and recovering took almost a week. I hosted two gatherings; one on Thanksgiving and one the following day with ten people at each, 16 different recipes, and friends and family coming and going. Highlight – Both of my sisters made it over; Cricket on Wednesday night to help me cook all day Thursday and Cathi on Thursday to help enjoy the foods. I really couldn’t have done it without Cricket’s help and I am so glad I hosted my first Thanksgiving Feast with both of them in attendance.

Ronn’s Surgery –
Ronn had surgery on his arm on Wednesday pretty much knocking him out of commission for a couple days, though he did his best to help. Taking care of Ronn, my sisters, the meal and myself kept me pretty tied up. Highlight – He let me drive his truck all day and I loved it, feeling tall, having power and maneuvering all kinds of tight spots helped me overcome my fear of this beast.

Last minute campaigns –
Thinking the week would be slow, I was dumbfounded as I was dropped two new last-minute ad campaigns at work to be turned around within a few days. When I get stressed I shut down a bit and have to talk myself out of the hole I dug do to my fear of failure. Highlight - I got them written and to the designer. We are brainstorming other ideas for a big shot who has the money to have something really cool yet is providing us with no real time to craft something that great.

My time –
Split into two, my time has been filled with reading (The Friday Night Knitting Club) and actual knitting. I have been reading the book for a while and felt spurred on to finish it since it is really good (loved it when I finished) and also to keep up with the other readers at work who have drank the Twilight kool-aid. Not one to normally ride the trendy train, I am intrigued since it isn’t only my younger co-workers who are captured by this tale of “my boyfriend’s a vampire” but also the more mature pals, who like myself are pretty well-read and still can’t put it down. Highlights – finished book number one, started book number 2 last night, have three knitting projects going to be completed by Christmas and watched a great three-hour documentary about Warhol’s Factory People.

So there you have it, my life in a page. I thought of providing substantial paragraphs and entries into this past week and struggling with numbering the wonders of my lovely town, but I just can’t do it right now. One friend said that when my blog becomes work, then I will walk away, but not forever. As a writer, I do find that jotting down even exciting prose all about me can be tiresome and not something to tackle on my off hours. But if you just hold on it’ll be like an infomercial – “But wait there’s more.”

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