Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baying Blues

Some days are just days to keep the world out and sadness in. There is no explanation, but today is one of those days. During such occurrences, I like to pull myself out by doing all those things I have been procrastinating about so that my mind can have something other than sorrow to think about.

Firstly though I always try to figure it out. That missing link that dropped my mood. Yesterday was great. I worked from home which is always nice doing travel packets for trips, writing promo copy for big deal Web sites and getting a bit creative in 8 words or less for an ad campaign. I took 15 minute breaks, something I rarely if ever take at work, to rake a couple trash cans full of leaves, do the dishes, laundry and finally put away the Christmas stuff (it was packed, just not put back on the high shelf in the garage.) In the evening I did two of my favorite things – sat on the porch watching Heroes on the laptop and knitting.

So there isn’t a lead there. It must just be something going around, inside my head. I used to get really upset with being blue, but now I just let it do its thing keeping to myself a touch and reaching out when I need to. Years ago when I reached out it was to bring people into my gray scene, now I let them pull me out not sharing my feelings and letting the good stuff flow. It usually works.

And it did this time. I organized all the photos from last week and got my blog updated. I went for a short bike ride to get those endorphins running, I planned my weekly menu and even did all the shopping and I treated myself to a nice sushi dinner of tuna and salmon.

Now I am settling down to watch “My Cousin Vinny” which I have never seen and was picked on at work since I never saw it. I need some good laughs.

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Kyle said...

"Are you mocking me with that out-fit?"

That movie is hilarious...combing blogs to pass the time...I can't pass up a good "My Cousin Vinny" reference.