Friday, February 6, 2009

Dog Day One

Today is my first day as a puppy mommy and I suppose it is pretty average, for me. I am carrying him one one hip (he cries when I put him down), I chase him around to make sure there are not accidents, I am working too and planning a party for tomorrow - Just an average day.
I wonder how long it will take until he can open a beer or make a martini. Oh and by the way - can you tell I am in love and becoming one of THOSE kinds of dog people??? I already have outfits picked out. I wanted to get him some of the Playboy gear I saw at Beall's Outlet, but it was pink and girlie. Ronn asked if I was wanting to make him gay. I replied that in a few weeks he won't be gay or straight - just neutered. (But I will hold off on the pink - yet the red shirt with the black Playboy logo and the word "STUD" was right up his alley. )

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WAC said...

Finn is way too cute! It must be nice to have him at home where you can spoil him and take all the photos yourself.