Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Redo and Recycle

Today's prompt is to take a favorite poem and retitle it and write it to suit the title.

There are many poems I love to recount and reread as time justifies. My heart is open to all kinds of words that spiral in short and long meaning. However, I first poem I completely memorized was “The Duck” by Ogden Nash.

The Pug
Behold the pug,
She’s not a thug,
A cold heart she lacks, she loves.
She is especially cute,
In her fawn fur suit,
And when she runs and plays,
It makes happy days.

Ogden Nash was a very witty rhymer,
Though not much of a social climber.
He punned poems in jest,
About liquor no less,
And was never called a two-timer.

Another one of my favorite Nash poems is
Candy is dandy,
But liquor is quicker.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! And your doggies.... they're so cute!