Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Routine for Routine Sake

I thought it was sort of cool that the prompt today was about Routine. I figure that topic had already been shared, so no need to rehash and break my routine.

A Writing Routine

Have topic discussion with everyone’s two cents,
Research topic for hours on end,
Write outline from what next editor suggests,
Research some more on a different path,
Coerce interviews with one word answers,
Scatter expertise among the paragraphs,
Rewrite and self edit,
Turn over to editor.

Get their two cents and bite tongue,
Research with a topic stretch,
Write another outline per suggestions,
Research exhausting Google,
Finagle more interviews,
Make them sound articulate,
Rewrite again and self edit again,
Turn over to editor.

Another excuse to rewrite,
Put back in what was replaced,
Write my suicide note,
Research other job opportunities,
Rant to my cube mate,
Rewrite again skip edits,
Turn over to editor.

Next editor has his opinion,
Like a**holes we all do,
Chief asks why I miss deadline,
Next rewrites article,
Since I suck as a writer,
Let it go with Friday,
Read his rewrite and give up,
Ask for next topic to suck on.

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