Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Songs To Listen To When You're Blue

I Feel Loved – Depeche Mode
David Gahan singing Martin Gore’s words of feeling loved. What more is there to say?!

We Don’t Need this Fascist Groove Thang – Heaven 17
The retro 80s beat analyzing the politics of Reagan throws me back to the times when spiked hair and day-glo clothes could brighten any day. As you shake that fascist groove thang, you can shake away the blues.

Superman – REM
College angst had nothing on this. “You don’t really love that guy you make it with now do you?” I wonder if anyone asked Michael Stipes that. It’s a love song with an angry indie, stalker kind of feel. Just what I want.

Shoot the Runner – Kasabian
Yes I am in love with the lead singer, but that aside “I’m her king and she’s my queen, bitch.” The driving beat and catchy chorus always gets me moving even while in my seat at work. The song along can make one feel better, and his Ewan McGregor good looks don’t hurt.

Kiss Off – Violent Femmes
The title pretty much covers this one too; a touch of anger and pain with the throbbing guitar and easy repetition. Plus there is counting and I love that. “I forget what 8 was for.”

Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
A touch of sadness since I will always remember the morning I heard about Joe Ramone’s death. But you have to admit, the way he says “Bop” is just plain funny. Add on the powerhouse of guitar and bass paired with a crazy man on drums and you have one hell of an upbeat tune.

Like a Virgin – Madonna
In what I consider her hay day. This song’s Minnie Mouse-voiced muse is just too good to not want to wear a wedding dress and dance on a gondola.

Not Big – Lily Allen
Just mean. I love it in a way. She says things I wish I could, but then again …. Even if they aren’t true. “I’m gonna do what you did to me, gonna reciprocate.”

Radio Radio – Elvis Costello and the Attractions
The beauty of “I want to bite the hand that feeds me” is just sublime. The barrage of guitar and drums with his angry-young man whine brings a smile to my face.

She’s So Modern – The Boomtown Rats
Frantic rhythm with an indescribable voice (ok to describe Bob’s voice – snarly, wiry, sarcastic and unmusical) is all I need to want to dance on the furniture. I love Sir Bob and the Rats, especially for tunes like this that balance the dark nature Mondays and their appeal.

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