Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Nose For Cinema

I have been suffering for almost a week now with a blistering infection on my nose. It is gross so I will spare you the gruesome details, but I have been mostly working from home and refusing to show my blasphemous face in public. This had made me quite resourceful so as to not become too bored and developing new meals with what I have in the freezer and pantry.

Even with a crap load of channels there really is nothing on TV. I have resorted to Netflix and Hulu, as well as a couple suggested sites. So far those worth mentioning are My Kid Could Paint That about a 4-year old abstract artist (?) and the issue if it is really art or has the wool been pulled over everyone’s eyes about abstract style. The paintings look great and the parents seem a bit down to earth promising to give their daughter a varied education even though her pieces are going for thousands of dollars. It reflects back to a show I saw about a 14-year old girl who could do photo-realistic paintings and how her mother just let her learn what she wanted and never bothered to have her learn math or science or even how to think critically. It is the old-fashioned way of thinking that girls aren’t smart enough or that if there is any real effort needed then it is hard and should be dropped. Speaking as an adult who, as a child had my share of challenges, I think that telling kids it is OK to only do the easy things makes for lazy, dull children. Challenges can be fun. For instance, I still have an infatuation with numbers. But as a writer and artist, and a woman, this is considered a contradiction. I love science as well. I have been blessed to have other women around me who appreciate these “boy” things, but my love of learning and education is even greater than the love of art. Plus it really helps to know some of these things when doing things you love – like knitting (counting stitches, figuring out patterns) and cooking (measurements, chemistry, physics) or just playing with the dogs and cats (anatomy, physiology, psychology).

Another controversial topic is premised in the films Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum. I was first made aware of this by some friends who found it very thought provoking. As did I on first glance. The first night I watched the movie, I was shocked by the supposed truths in the film – Jesus never existed, the myth of Christianity comes from the ancient Egyptians, 9/11 was an inside job, we are made to be poor. Though I don’t agree with many of the actual “facts” in the film, I find it nice to question what we are told. In fact, on the second watching, I started to do some research myself and found that the film maker stretches the truth quite a bit. If I believed everything in the film, it would have been easy to go on and feel like all my questions had been answered, but I had a stirring feeling that I was being bamboozled by a conspiracy freak. The jury is still out on that. The Addendum was a lot duller than the original and the film maker seemed to have less to say so he shared his soap box with other “experts”. You be the judge, it is an interesting watch anyway you look at it.

The pain from my nose mostly comes at mid day and late night – when I have to smother it with ointment. This is when I find that the Internet movie watching rises. Sitting at my kitchen table looking out at the brick road, I find a modern sense of peace watching what is going on outside and inside the Web at the same time. So it is the perfect time to check out some pop history in the form of Wanted and Desired: Roman Polanski. I have been a fan of Polanski’s for years, probably since I was a teenager. Though he is an elfin man, there is something stirring about his personality and especially his history. This film chronicles his run-in with the American Judicial System and tracks, through flashbacks, the infamy that made him so famous. Another controversial topic, especially for Americans since no one really cared that he was pluking 15-year old Nastassja Kinski, but when it became an American girl then all bets were off. But the film is actually less about that liason and more about the rape of our justice.

Lastly, I am getting hooked on Meerkat Manor. This is an interesting, but heart-wrenching show about the Whiskers Family of Meerkats out in the bush of South Africa. It is realistic and the narration done by Sean Astin (Patty Duke’s and Gomez Adam’s son) pulls at the heart strings. I like watching it while I have a puppy or kitty close by to soothe my tender nature and make it through the 20 minutes of rambunctiousness and heartbreak.

I figure this is what it is like to be a shut-in. So far not so bad, but let’s see what the next few days have in store.

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