Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunny Dayz

I am not much of a sun goddess, preferring to keep my fair flesh a tint other than beet red. This weekend though I forgot to slather on the sunscreen (SPF 45 please) and venture out under the radiant, burning rays of this worshipped orb. Yes, I live in the Sunshine State and no I am not a goth (at least not anymore), but I am predisposed to being burned just by thinking about the sun (see there, it happened again now my fingers are red and will be peeling soon.)

But it wasn’t all my fault. I shall blame some of this on Ronn and his new toy, the Harley. The other half of the blame goes to me and my kin for the Blueberry Festival. First things first – the bike.

Ronn surprised me on Friday night with a ride out to the beach on his new hog. I was more than paranoid and felt unbalanced on two wheels, though I think this is more of a control issue than his driving. We stopped at an English pub on the beach, had a pint of cider and back to the house. What had started out as a night to rest and relax with PB&J sandwiches, became an adventure and when it was over, I was ready to go home and sleep. No dinner for me.
But I made up for that when I almost ate my weight in blueberries the next day. My sister works at a winery in Plant City (Keel and Curley) and last weekend was their annual Blueberry Festival. Part of the draw for the event was the “U-Pick” option. We picked almost 10 pounds of berries and at $2 a pound that is fabulous. I hadn’t been picking in years, since I was wee and my dad would drag me along to pick strawberries or tomatoes. I really enjoyed the time out in the field and the reward of my labors. Next time, however, I will leave the pups at home, wear a hat, lighter-colored clothing, sunscreen and bring extra water.

The festival was fun and it gave me time to visit a touch with my dad and sister. Plus, my nephew kept me pleased with this wonderful frozen wine concoction made with strawberry slushy mixed with either pinot noir or dry blueberry wine. Ronn picked the most berries, since I was watching the kids, so he got to take the most home. I was left with about 2-1/2 pounds, but once washed and frozen I think I am pretty set at least for the rest of the month.

In fact this morning I had a great breakfast of 1 mango, a cup of sliced strawberries and a cup of frozen blueberries (yum).

Mother’s Day I was back on the hog as Ronn took me to a great brunch at a deli in Tampa. I had the most scrumptious omelet with Swiss cheese, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes and spinach. Plus, I tasted some shrimp and grits with sausage and a plethora of other meats and gourmet cheeses. We toasted with Mimosas and savored the sweetness found in the chocolate bacon truffles. Yes you read that right – Chocolate and Bacon! They were divine. It was a wonder I stayed on the bike on our way back home since I felt like a pig riding a hog. Unfortunately Ronn forgot the helmet so I got even more toasted on my forehead, but it was a great ride anyway.
*I didn't take these pictures so I can't take any credit, but aren't they beautiful??!!

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Tales from TV said...

Next time gimme a call for that berry-picking trip if you want more company!