Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tuesdays are kinda like Fridays and kinda not. I work from home most Wednesdays, so it is a relaxing day though I am still working (all my coworkers reading this note: I am still working on Wednesday!) It is just a bit easier since I can sleep in until 8 sometimes and be logged in to work by 8:05. I usually use this quiet time to write my big articles and intensive pieces since there are fewer interruptions and fewer distractions.

And since it is like a pseudo Friday, I have chosen to check in with WW and see how I did this week. I wrote down about half of what I ate and exercised very little, but I still did pretty well with a 3.8lb loss. I think it mostly has to do with alcohol. I haven’t had much of a taste for it lately and I really prefer spending my points on food instead of drink.

Another plus about Tuesday is I don’t have to fret too much about getting to bed by 10. My unwinding didn’t even start until 8:30 when I finally got to eat. Even before a shower, I needed some food or I was going to go mad and order a pizza. The perfect opportunity for leftovers. A bit of left over salad and shrimp, check. A couple cups of roasted cauliflower and a stuffed tomato, check. Soup and salad. I don’t like eating heavy meals at night, unless I am in NYC since I will be walking off whatever I gorge on.

And another plus for this Tuesday: bestowed upon me was a huge bag of cotton yarn. I am so happy – giddy even. One of the women I work with is also a knitter and had inherited a shops worth of yarn goodies. She gave me the cotton for the washcloths I am doing and offered to fill in the gaps I have when it comes to needles and accessories. I hit pay dirt. I knew there was something grand about my job.

Leftover Soup
Leftover roasted veggies that are in the fridge – tonight is cauliflower. Add the roasted, stuffed tomato and the tablespoon of Chimchurri sauce. Blend and add chicken broth to get it to the consistency you desire. I like mine a bit thick, but not too much. Heat on the stove or in the nuker and Voila, soup.

Leftover Salad
This is way easier to figure out and to make as you see fit. I added a bit more lettuce to the bowl, some avocado, almonds, tomatoes and cukes. There was just enough dressing and about 4 shrimp so why not.

Now I have room in the fridge for leftovers from my cooking class. It’s funny how I am single, but I have a fuller fridge than most of my friends with kids. I guess I am just a hoarder.

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Tanya said...

I thought I was "something grand" about work! Haha.

Enjoy the blog. See you in the morning, for your real Friday!