Monday, August 31, 2009

B-I-N-G-O is such a Drag

Some yell “Bingo”, some “Yahtze” and still others “My dick is bigger than Lady Ga Ga’s” At Drag Bingo you can hear it all, and more. Georgie’s Alibi hosts Drag Bingo every Monday evening and I just happen to be there this time. It was a small crowd, but Guy, Cathi and I had the table covered with Bingo cards, winners, or so we thought.

Unlike your usual Knights of Columbus Bingo night, this game offered special “social” numbers. For instance, when 69 was called, everybody drank. This went for 66 (which they called 99), 21 (legal age to drink) 18 (legal age to have sex) and 31 (since it was the 31st of August.)

They played the regular style rounds with rows to win, boxed in (filling the outside perimeter of the card) and an L-shape. Each round had a different call out if you had won such as “My dick is bigger than Lady Ga Ga’s”, but if you called Bingo or anything else instead you had to take a shot of the most horrible concoction of hot sauce, Jaeger, Baileys and whatever else the crowd called to fill the glass. You could pay $2 and pass this on to another and they could out bid you until one of you just sucked it up, literally. The money was collected for the AIDS Walk which is this weekend in St. Pete.

Guy was the runner up for the last round we played and got a free drink card. It was a fun experience and I am thinking it may not be a bad way to spend a Monday evening (sans all the socials).

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Miss Madras said...

You really do have a unique life filled with great experiences and wonderfully eclectic friends!