Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brotherly Love … My Ass!


"A man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog."
-Charles Doran

This post is a bit different that my others which encompass my generally optimistic and appreciation of diversity. I ask, what the fuck is wrong with the people of Philadelphia?

With Michael Vick now an Eagle, they have the right to rally and refuse to accept this decision of the team’s management, even refuse to attend or support their home team. But instead, they rally behind the man and show their appreciation of his disturbing behavior. I have been angered for weeks and pushed the thoughts of my disappointment in Philly behind me, but I can’t any more.

I watched Dog Town’s rehabilitation of these poor creatures and must share my two cents. I know I am preaching to the converted since my readers are all animal lovers. But I have to get it out along with the tears. My anger gives me headaches and my heart pulses and points not just to the perpetrator of these horrible atrocities, but to the city that supports him and his deeds.

If Vick was up for being a Tampa Bay Buc, I would be out in full protest, and I believe that there would be such an outroar that the team would make a better decision. We may be seen as backwards and a bit hickish, but the unkind nature of Philly is now more apparent than ever. I once met a bigoted woman who thought Philly was the best town on earth. I had heard about riots and massive racial discrimination, but figured that may only be hype. After getting to know her, and choosing to move on since she lacked any sense of true personality and regard for other humans, (she was cruel to her husband, child and those who came in contact with her) I realized that the negative documentations about this city could be real.

Guy is from Pittsburgh and he agrees that Philly is considered a bit of the heart of darkness. Now I know it is true. How could these people accept this judgment and back it up by backing their team? How could team mates not want to kill this man who is so unkind to those who need our love?

It is atrocious and I am so angry and so sad and bless that this could not, and would not, happen in my town. I may be wrong … but from what I have seen people do to help the disadvantaged locally, I know there would be a show of solidarity and true brotherly and canine love.

I will get off my soapbox now. Love You.

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