Sunday, August 2, 2009

Have You Been Brainjacked?

The feel good movie of the year: Brainjacked. If you can appreciate a touch of cult conspiracy with a dab of high-brow humor, some huge fake tits and lots of blood then you will love this film.

My friend Andy Lalino is one of the writers and I have known him for at least 10 years. We used to work together and we immediately hit it off when we found we both loved 80s music; the new wave kind not the other stuff. We would talk songs and in the time before iPods and massive downloading, we would swap CDs and tapes. One of the nicest and sweetest men I have ever met, Andy has a dark side that he reveals in his films. I love that.

But he doesn’t do it all on his own. Andrew Allan is his cohort in crime. Andrew is also a writer and directed the film. Plus, from the screening on Saturday night, there were a lot of old familiar faces from my television days, which was cool.

I have to admit I was feeling a bit wary about going to this film since I thought it would be an overly gory film and because it didn’t start until 11 pm and I like to go to bed early. But on both counts I was very happy. I did cover my face a few times when there was drilling, but the jeers and cheers from the audience let me know when it was safe to peek again.

I don’t want to spill too many of the beans, but the short take goes: a teenager who has a pretty bad home life runs away and meets a very sweet teenage girl who says she has found the answer to all of life’s problems. She takes him home to a sort of futuristic commune run by a doctor who has all the smoothness of an evangelist (in fact he reminded me of the guy who heads up the Scientologist church right now). To relieve the boy’s physical and emotional pain, the doctor has developed a sort of medieval cure by drilling into the brain. It seems to work until the doctor uses his power for evil instead of good and …….

It was neat to decipher when each scene was shot, since it is a local flick, and if I could recognize any of the actors. The script captivated me enough to keep me from nodding off and that is always a plus.

So next in line is finding a distributor and other projects in the works. I can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the great work Andy!

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