Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Survived Disco Kitchen

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One of the hottest tickets in town is the one for the exclusive Disco Kitchen. Disco Kitchen is hipster free and the DJ is very helpful when you request a song, you can actually change songs in the middle when the mood strikes. The alcohol is free flowing, the bathroom within Cha Cha distance and there is always someone taking their clothes off. Plus, it’s by invitation only and no need to fancy up for this crowd of non-poseur partiers. I highly recommend getting on the list.

disco me

Patrick threw another one of his elite cocktail parties while I was in NYC. A select group was invited including old and new friends (of Patrick’s) from Clearwater Central Catholic, to his BFF Bess, the vegetarian meat man, and the rest of the lot. It always starts out the same with easy to munch appetizers (this time 7-layer dip and artichoke dip with crackers), a pretty complete bar with a drink special (guava margaritas anyone?) and everyone crammed into the living room with either music playing or the TV on with something British or Madonna based.


However, it isn’t long before the crowd moves into the slightly more spacious kitchen. It’s the perfect spot to have a smoke, make a drink and of course dance like crazy. There is always one or two people that when they spot a camera, become the center of attention. This time is was the vegetarian meat man, Chad with his lens-less glasses.

You can’t help but get close as you dance making it the perfect way to meet new friends. Unfortunately the only straight guy there was Jenny’s BF Russell, so I just had fun without pretension, practicing my flirtations on the gay boys.

militia gp

As the iPod blared Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Madonna, and a frenzy of other danceable tunes, Chad found it hard to come out of his shell as he did a strip-tease for us down to his skivvies. Then Patrick broke out the costumes, this time a John Deere hat and a black cowboy hat that we all took turns wearing (I hope no one has lice.)


The costumes are always a treat. A few years back, Thanksgiving was punctuated by Kimberly catching her hair on fire during a cocktail party photo shoot. Dressed in her Diane Von Furstenburg best with Guy resting his head on her lap like a submissive slave, Kimberly’s hair shot up in back as it was ignited by the candle on the mantle. Voon, using my camera caught the whole thing as I yelped “Your hair’s on fire” and Guy said “who me?” Yes even in times of possible tragedy, he can still make you smile. Kimberly was alright and being in true optimistic fashion, she said it was no big deal since her hair was layered anyway.

on the floor

There was no flaming hair this time, though if it did happen it would have been most apropos during an MJ tune. However, the excitement was not absent as Chris made an entrance and proceeded to finish off the bourbon in one swig, Pam helped Chad disrobe with lustful intensity, and Jenny and Chad arm wrestled on the liquor-laden floor. No body got hurt and we were in our jammies by 11pm.

I think one of the culprits for the early night was the slivovitz shots done before the party even started. I was not involved in this since slivovitz is way too strong for me, but Guy and Patrick began before the crowd arrived and Bess had one waiting for her when she hobbled up the stairs.

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