Sunday, August 9, 2009

What do you like to do most? I love to eat!

This morning I was left in awe of the previous evening’s voyeurism. Does it count as voyeurism if they want you to watch? Are you paying attention? Good.

We are talking about a film. A wonderful film of two stories, many subjects and a pinch of inspiration. Julie and Julia is based on a blog, two books and two very interesting women. Julie Powell, trying to find meaning in her life took on the task of learning to cook by making every recipe in Mastering the Art Of French Cooking. Julia Child wrote the book back in the 60s to teach Stepford Wives how to cook more than TV dinners. Julie wrote a blog about her experience and a subsequent book now made into a movie.

It was like porn to watch it. The oohs and ahhs of butter and eggs, meats that were never stricken from any proper chef’s table and chocolate. Plus, both ladies enjoyed their share of cocktails. It also reminded me of a XXX feature because the subject matter is risqué in today’s world of no carb, low fat, South Beach, Weight Watcher and such mentality. Even Julia said it in her biography, It’s all a matter of portion. Eat your share of fruits and veggies and whole grains most of the time and then partake in the succulent wonder that is veal or lamb or duck or mounds of cream and butter.

I equate a lot of food with sensuality. I have only known a couple men who understood and appreciated food as well as were great lovers. Mostly they were one or the other or both. I have actually broken up with those who tried to feed me something less than worthy (Veggie Primavera with Hot Dogs) and those who refused to try anything different than their five top restaurants never venturing beyond their usual. That meant sex was usual and predictable and even worse, just plain bad.

But good food and great company can inspire the senses just as well. Inspired I was to venture into making blueberry pancakes for breakfast and a vegetable gratin for dinner.

The pancakes were from a mix, but it was one of those whole wheat organic mixes and the blueberries were fresh. Thankfully I topped them with some Florida honey since the organic flour left a lot to be desired. It did have a nutty quality, but tasted so Healthy, I had to douse it with more honey. But that is never a problem.
The gratin was an inspiration from Julia. I checked the book out of the library a couple weeks ago and perused the pages. It’s generally not my kind of book since there aren’t any beautifully photographed pictures of food. Instead of looking at the picture and finding what I wanted to eat through sight alone, I had to read the ingredients and the description she used to transcend these dull women’s lives. Magic.

The gratin called for anchovies and potatoes along with eggs, cream, butter and Swiss cheese. I used this as a guide and instead cleaned out my fridge. A couple potatoes, some zucchini and yellow squash, a red pepper, and baby swiss and cheddar cheeses. The end product was more like an egg casserole than a gratin that I knew, but I loved it. I can’t wait to try something

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