Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Is Well With My BFF

polly centerfold

Over the past few weeks, this household has been a little bit on edge. Before I went to NYC, I found a little lump on Polly’s shoulder. As it grew over the next few weeks, I became more alerted and took her to the vet. Dr. Amy said it looked like a cyst and that the color was not a good thing – it was angry red and had created a hairless patch on her shoulder.


She scheduled a biopsy, but a few days later said she would prefer to just see what happens. We waited two more weeks and I was on edge the whole time. Then yesterday we got the good news, not only was it getting smaller and becoming more pink and peach than red, but Dr. Amy felt that it was a skin lesion and would easily heal itself as it was already doing.

smiling polly2

This morning, the lump is even smaller and all seems to be well. I have had more scares with these pups than ever before, but I guess that is what motherhood is all about.

The other shocker is Polly weighs 16.2 pounds, what a big girl.


Tales from TV said...

OMG. I had no idea. I'm glad to hear that all is well. Give her a good scratch behind the ears for me.


Praers said...

I didn't want to even think of the negative after Finn's problem 6 months ago. I felt like I was bad luck for puppies, but now I know I am just the luckiest girl alive!

misschris said...

Ohh you know maybe she had an injection that left a lump. It happened with my sweetie (Mill- cat) and I was PARANOID and called my mom crying. Even they forgot about the injection from a few weeks earlier and so now I know if she gets a shot I keep an eye on the spot and if it gets bumpy no problem. That was a very stressful week though. Do you think it was that?