Saturday, September 12, 2009

It’s all trivial

One of my favorite games growing up was Trivial Pursuit. I didn’t have anyone to play with though since I always won. I seem to have a stashed computer in my brain that can file away bits of nonsense and then purge it when ready. My father would play with me from time to time, but I would miss a few to make the game and our quality time last.

 tuttie Tuttie with her favorite Trivia companion!

I made the mistake of playing with boyfriends, and it never worked in my favor since I used the same ploy of missing several questions to keep the game moving and even let them win.

To my relief, I found my matches in the McGovern girls who took me up on a game of 80s Trivial Pursuit. We set up the board explaining the rules to Patty who kept asking other questions and told her to just play along.

drunken patty Patty was just faking it, or was she??

The game got off to a smooth start for Tuttie who raced around the circle answering question after question while Patty and I kept drinking and making snide remarks to the one in the lead. Then Patty started catching up and I was in the rear. But it wasn’t the thrill of competition that made the game such a blast. We changed the rules as we went along with hints for the questions, more drinking, laughing until we could barely breath and smart ass answers that seemed to fit better than the real ones.


Question: What publication was sued after a woman was killed by someone hired from a classified ad in their magazine?
Hint: Think of someone being a hit man.
Patty’s answer: The New Yorker???
Real answer: Soldier of Fortune.

There were a million of them that kept us laughing and Patty’s husband complaining that we were so loud he could hear us outside. He could even hear us over the dogs who chimed in when the laugher got to a particular pitch.

tut and fi When all else fails, bring in the pug!

In the end, I did win, but it was the wondrous experience of being with my friends that took the prize. So who wants to play with me??????

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