Saturday, October 3, 2009

Give It AWAY!

I had a great time at the Crescent Lake yard sale. Though I have a bunch more to sell, I did pretty well with 3 empty boxes at the end of the day. Marit had reserved 6 spots for her, her cousin, a few friends, Ren and I. Ren concentrated on selling her artwork and did pretty well. She even got me to buy something (though it is for a gift.) I exchanged money for my memories and parted with concert T-shirts, posters, books, DVDs, VHS tapes (really) and other trinkets like glassware, toys and clothes.

The biggest deal was selling Guy’s Digits poster that he donated to the cause. It actually got the asking price. He also donated shakers, bowling toys – which went like hotcakes, and clothes which were grabbed up by the hunky guys strolling the park. Chris also helped out donating books that were immediately grabbed up and padded my pocket with a few bucks. The reason these guys were helping with cleaning out their own closets was because I have become a little strapped for cash with Finn’s medical bills.

So the season has begun and I will be having sales once a month to relinquish my dusty old ways and make room for new funds and Finn’s health. It feels very liberating to get rid of all this. Plus, I like chatting with people and making them happy with my old treasures.

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