Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From The Abyss

Ten years ago, I had no idea where I would be in ten years. Would I be married? Would I have my own business? Would I be happy with my house? Would I, Could I, Should I encompassed only a few moments of my thinking. Now I am planning for the next ten years and wondering where it will take me.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Where have I been for the past 5 weeks? It’s hard to say it all in one piece, but I lack the patience to spread it out into several posts and being as I am sans home computer, I have to make due with what I have.

Yes, no computer. My laptop took a dive into my glass of water and subsequently passed out when I tried to perform mouth to mouth. Fortunately, a skilled computer geek has taken his light saber of computer savvy to fix it, but I must be a bit more Amish for the next couple weeks. No biggie, I need time away from my laptop since our relationship had become unhealthy and I was only using him to catch up on missed episodes of Gossip Girl. (Also during the same week I killed my phone and my cable remote – it’s like I have a Heroes’ ability, but haven’t figured out how to use it for good yet.)

Plus, I have a few other plans for the coming weeks without being plugged in. I am spending my time with Finn and Polly keeping up the good feelings since it is the cheapest form of entertainment right now. Money is very tight, like college tight, and since I already deposited all my funds into my puppy’s health, I figure I can make a few withdrawals of fun love. My boy’s prognosis is still in the gray range, but we will be doing monthly tests just to make sure that no more stones form and that he can still be a puppy for a while. To help me through is my BFF Polly and she is my world, I am so glad she was given up and I took her. She and I couldn’t have been such a great pair with anyone else. I am still very anti-Noah’s but the conundrum is whether to file a complaint against them for their inept medical care or just slam them in every other medium. Just don’t go there, trust me!

Today is significant since it is a middle day of sorts. In one month, on Dec. 10 we will be celebrating the 1st b-day of my kids along with Angus, Maggie, Daisy and the other one (we called her Diva). It also was one month ago that I met my new boyfriend, Paul. We are in that great romantic phase right now, but with a twist of maturity that I have never experienced before. I don’t want to go into detail since that wouldn’t be fair to him, but I will say to the heavens, “It’s about time you sent me a prince.”

And there was Halloween which revolved around the All Hallow’s Ball, a private event at the Tampa Convention Center. I would show you the pics, but since they are on my gasping computer I can’t. The theme was the Candy Shop and let me tell you, there was some pretty eye candy there. Generally considered a gay event, this annual ball brings out all the crazies and those men with the crazy, perfect muscles, as well as beautiful coifs and visages. It was a Pride parade indoors. It was a night of Gay Care as my mantourage of Chris, Guy and Patrick accompanied me as Licorice Whips decked out all in black perfectly accessorized with whips. We had a blast!

That pretty much sums up the past month and a half. It has been a lot to handle and the holiday season is only gearing up. But all is well, my Finn is healthy, my computer will soon return to me from across the watery divide, Paul is happily a part of my life and I am ready to celebrate. Plus, I have a plethora of recipes to try and knitting items to design so all is well.

Thanks for being patient and soon, very soon I will return with my witty charms.

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Lena said...

It certainly sounds likes it's been a trying time for you. But I'm glad Finn's doing okay.

All Hallow's Ball sounds magic! Beats me ignoring the door to all the Trick or Treaters, anyhow!