Wednesday, December 2, 2009

23 Days of Christmas

On the 23rd day of Christmas my gumption gave to me a blister on my right thumb from scraping paint off the ceiling. Which I did not complete. I can push through pain, but it came to be too much and I still have about 10% left to go, but I trudged on even though I really didn’t want to. Paul was right though since he said to just do a little and I did and it turned into a lot and now I have a blister. Not too girly, but I think redoing my own bathroom is pretty darn sexy.


I am now reconsidering my art choice for the room. My original thought was a 26” square Warhol Marilyn, but I think Marilyn’s head in more than 2 feet square could be sort of frightening in such a small room. Other considerations are photos that I have taken. I am thinking a montage of pictures both in black and white, and color to spruce up this space. Ren and Paul will have to help me out on this one.


Tonight I shall rest a bit and try to get caught up on bills, Christmas presents and just relaxing. I need some relaxation. Finn went to the vet today for his monthly checkup and things are good, but no change, which means he still needs help. Now we are blending his food since the bugger flips his kibbles out of the water in the bowl instead of drinking the gravy and then eating the food. He isn’t getting enough water to wash the crystals out so now we are to blend his food with the water making a soup – which he ate wonderfully well tonight. He has old age disabilities and he isn’t even one yet. If this doesn’t work then I will have to give him injections twice a day with water under his skin so he is well hydrated. Now is when I start to get really blue. I have so much love for the boy, that I just can’t help get teary-eyed thinking about what he is going through. From the way he acts, he has no sense of it and that is a good thing. My goal: To have him and polly at my wedding (no nothing yet, but I have a feeling.)


So back to redecorating. Tomorrow I plan on giving my thumb a rest and priming the walls and maybe even the cabinets. This way I can paint on Saturday and Sunday evenings and maybe even get the ceiling scraped off.

I can’t lie, I am having fun!

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