Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where The Heart Is

A woman can not live on food alone. Maybe she can if it is Brie or chocolate. In my quest to make this blog more worthwhile for you dear reader and for me the dear writer, Tuesdays will be expressions of my architectural expression, aka, my home. Well my Dream Home actually. I am very self assured that the HGTV Dream Home will be mine. Every day I visit My Home walking through the rooms and planning my first dinner party, visiting with friends in the kitchen and on the patio, planning my shopping trips in my new automobile and making adjustments that tick off my pet peeves and make it a more pet-friendly place.

Breakfast in the morning or just hanging out cooking together. Here is where you will find Ren and I when the guys are in the movie room.

I never could imagine myself in such a nice home and always wondered how others did it. But now I just don’t care, I love this home. The spaciousness of the rooms call for Edith Piaf to be played, the coziness of the Casita languishes for Guy and Randy’s visit and the kid’s and guest rooms are ready for their switch when Ren, Pat and the kids come for a week.

Something a bit more formal for a meal, at least once a day. This will also be where I will work.

Perfect for us, this new location and home gives Paul and me a dramatic start to our relationship, and is big enough that we shouldn’t get on each other’s nerves. His ability to work from home makes it an easy move for him and the options for me are endless since everyone can use a talented writer. We also have suggested to one another that the Casita be rented as a B&B for discerning folk giving us extra income and me the opportunity for cook for others.

For those moments of prayer. This is the perfect spot to connect with God or to just read a great book.

Located between Albuquerque (I must get used to spelling that) and Santa Fe, we will get to experience the wonders of the West, visit new places and develop new relationships. I know it is a big switch for me, but I have my resume up to date and already have picked over some possible jobs.

Paul’s office space. It also has a TV in it. Not sure about the big Native American looking over the shoulder, but is a great spot for him to teach and to learn.

But before I can move, there are plans to be made. I have to get my hair cut and dyed so when they ambush me, I look good. The puppies must be clean and since they are absolutely adorable anyway, they will be great for TV. I have figured out the property taxes and insurance on this place, setting up a budget to meet these costs, as well as already figured out what I will take and what will stay when I go. I will pay off my home and rent it to some caring person, sell most of my books and belongings (keeping the cool stuff like my collection of 1860s novels and the retro table and chairs.)

Chatting with friends, drinking wine and letting the puppies run. One of the changes we will make is to put up a fence to keep the puppies safe, though I think Polly and Millie will be good matches for any stray coyotes.

To show that I am serious, I have stopped working on the bathroom since I will be moving and it is fine as it is for my tenants. The patio will be cleaned up a bit making it more hospitable for the new renters, but since the rent will be negotiable (based on handyman skills) I can leave all those other little nits for them.

My coworkers have even asked me to tell them when the ambush could occur since it could happen when I am at work and they want to look their best just in case they are on TV.


Guy and Randy’s room when they come to visit. This will also be the bed and breakfast rental. Not bad!

See I am for real. This is my vision.

To you nee-sayers, I must say, I don’t care about the odds, the change of scenery, the ripping away of my friends and the unforeseen possible struggles this could put on a new relationship. I don’t see them as negatives. It only takes one entry to win so I have as good a chance as anyone, I could use new scenery, my friends are pulling for me to the point of scheduling vacations, and Paul and I will have struggles, but so does everyone, it’s how you handle it.

So no need to enter, since this home is already mine, but let me know if you would like to come for a visit. Also please feel free to vote on the housewarming gifts you want them to give to me. Here is what I want:

Italian Herb Garden

Silverplated Wine Stoppers

Handprint Canvas Kit

Any of the 5-day forecasters

Countertop popcorn machine

Either the meat thermometer or marinader

Bobby Flay cookbook

Bobby Flay Grill Seasoning Set

Batali Pepper Mill

All Clad Baking Set

Cuisinart Stainless Cookware Set

Food Processor

Wish me luck!

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