Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DIY Yearnings

I am getting back into my house fixing mood, though I will be getting the dream house so I just keep in mind it is for my tenants. But what to do? There is cleaning, fixing and decorating to do in a variety of stages throughout the house. I don’t even know where to start. But I found something new for inspiration.

The Better Homes and Gardens DIY – is a great online source for everything for the home. Some a big projects and some are small, but all are wonderful.

I am like a bird or a child with ADD in the way I flutter from one interest to another (explains why I haven’t married – YET). I am listing out all my desires for this house I currently reside in and that can become crazy, but I am not giving up.

A Walk in the Woods really brings to life the need to get out in nature. I love how they take simple objects and make them into sculpture and art. A lot of it stirs in me the desire to have a dinner party.

The Outdoor Ideas will add color and spark to backyard which right now is all dead and brown, but I am hoping that some of these ideas will bring it back to life.

Finally a double duty project that would work perfectly for me, Framed Jewelry. This will put some of my more chunky, fashion pieces in an easy to find place as well as show them off when I am not showing them off.

So those are some ideas for this week paired along with the dusting, the vacuuming and the other tidbits that bring about my home. Next stop: The dollar store.

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