Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Love When Books Make You Think


A Rose Paul painted for me as a Christmas present. It inspires me each day. 

I’m back at work this week (from my kitchen table) and actually happy to be so. I have also moved on to Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s next book The Bucolic Plague. I love this one too, but in a completely different way. Where I’m Not Myself conjured up some weird memories of my own escapades and intoxications, Bucolic Plague is a peaceful meditation of growing up, but not old.

And as Josh was inspired in his brush with the O goddess (Oprah), I too have taken some moments to think about Living My Best Life. This is, of course, on top of watching my friends like Wendy and Renee do just that. Plus, Guy has been an inspiration for years living each moment to its fullest. It also helps that the past few weeks have been filled with chatter between Paul and I of what we are going to do next like possibly moving and combining our habitats.

And like Josh, I too am stuck in the ad game for now. I like coming up with catchy headlines and promising growth and everything short of miracles, but sometimes it seems like work is an advertisement within itself and we all are marketing our worth trying to get people to buy it. Unlike Josh, I am not an overachiever, choosing instead to take the slow and steady path with bits of excitement in between.

Paul would never agree to a farm in a small town and I don’t think I could raise animals only to kill them (though I do think this is the most humane way to eat meat and I will pay the organic grocer to do it for me), I do like the idea of spending a whole day canning my own veggies, making muffins and knitting new designs. Of course, to live at even the simple level I am accustom to, I would need to make a decent living wage.

But that aside, what can I do to Live My Best Life now? Stay positive, pray and meditate, believe in my dreams of one day doing what I love (making muffins, knitting, sewing and writing) full time in a happy and loving home with Paul and all of our 4-legged kids. That’s not too much, quite doable I think.

How are you Living Your Best Life?

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