Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Letter Home - February 26

Life has begun again for me and I thought I would do a blog refresh since there are a whole lot of possibilities to discover and share with those I left back home.

New Life
With just one week, two snow showers (they tell me they were just small things) and three layers of clothing, I am adjusting well. The highest temp in the past 7 days was 43 degrees and the coldest had a Real Feel of -4. The night I arrived, Paul, Guy and I took a walk in the beautiful snow up to the Tiger’s Den, a local pizza place. My hair and shoulders were covered in snow and the crunch beneath my feet provided the orchestra for this magical night.

Our town is only a few square blocks (like a neighborhood back home) and I try to change our dog walk each time. It’s all so new with charming houses dressed in quaint beauty, old stone buildings that creek of ghostly life, maple trees giving up their life-giving sap so I can enjoy sweeter mornings and the quiet stillness where only the wind interrupts my thoughts.

The silence is only broken with a random passing car, barking dogs and the whiny of horses that are our neighbors a couple doors down.

New Home
The house is coming along with boxes diminishing on the first floor and moved around a bit on the second. I unpack a few items, reflect on those put away for a couple months, as well as those recently re-discovered from a decade of newspaper wrapping.

Greeting me in the dining room were around 10 boxes all labeled China and Fragile. Only one casualty in this whole mess, a single blue-stemmed wine glass which saddened me for a moment or two. Like Christmas morning, I unpacked treasures I hadn’t seen in years including my mother’s china sets and tea set.

All in all I am finding myself to be quite content here. I miss some things from home, but not as much as I missed Paul and the puppies the time we were parted.


What I Miss Most About My Old Home: Having people to share with every day. I miss my friends at work who I could banter with in between projects and learn from throughout the day. I miss my long-time friends even though we didn’t see each other too often, I knew they were always there to have a meal with or share an experience.

What I Love Most About My New Home: They encourage recycling by making people pay more for trash pick up, but nothing for recycling pick up. All our paper, plastic, metal and glass are recycled from crossword puzzle pages, to the plastic bags we use for storage to the metal lids for our yogurt. Very little is put in the trash – how wonderful!


Chris Stewart said...

You're already missed in Florida. Glad to hear you're adjustment is off to a great start. Keep warm!

Anita Feinman said...

I am missing you at work! Found out my friend is actually 75 miles South of you, but I will still try to find out more info. Stay warm.

Anita Feinman said...

I miss you at work! It's not the same with you gone. My friend is actually 75 miles south of you, but I will try to find out more info. Stay warm.