Friday, March 8, 2013

What Inspires You?

When I have a few moments, I like to see what other bloggers are up to and get inspirations. This of course, can turn into hours when you find an interesting blog that won’t let you leave. Here are a few of the most enticing blogs I uncovered this week. Warning: you could get sucked in and might possibly feel the need to be creative!

 Overall Interesting
I’ve known Wendy for a while and she has always been a very classy lady, and her blog is full of great recipes and helpful tips. As an interior decorator, she is a library of knowledge about what looks good, what feels good and what goes well together for all personality types. Check this blog out and see what inspires you.

 Happy Salad Days
I’m always looking for a great salad recipe and this one is amazing. The hardest part about this recipe is that I want to eat the whole thing instead of portioning it out properly so I only make half. With spring right around the corner, I can’t wait to add even more salads to our dinner menu. What’s you’re favorite salad veggie??

Updating My Wardrobe
I actually spotted this heart tee before Valentine’s and wanted to make it then, but life was in such chaos, that I am revisiting this inspiring design now and since it’s a heart, I can really wear it anytime.

Creativity Inspired
I love making bags, and this is a great tutorial to help even a novice bag maker like me. As I unpack my craft boxes, I am finding fabric that would be great for this piece, plus I was told that there is a craft store on our little Main Street that has remnants of fabric for really cheap. I may just need to have a purse for every season, or week.

 For My Jewelry Box
Sometimes a girl just needs a touch of spring and a new jewelry piece to show off. This is a great project if you only have an hour and need to update your outfit, but don’t want to spend a whole lot of cash.

Healthy Inspiration
I am always looking for a new quinoa recipe and this one sounds delightful. I have it on my menu list for next week as the perfect lunch treat on a cold day. I especially like the addition of cabbage to the quinoa and I am thinking about adding some sliced red and orange peppers as well for color and, of course, bulk. I may also spruce it up with some lime zest and juice.  Delicious!

Puppy Prints
Our puppy Polly is a pug mix and even before I got her (March 1 marked 4 years),  I have been addicted to pugs. If you’re a puppy person, pug person or just into cute pictures of animals, take a gander at these oh-so-lovely squished-in faces!

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