Monday, December 23, 2013

The Treasure of Optimism

Courtesy of Liza Palmer

Though the commute may be congested or the office hectic or the kids just unruly, try a little optimism. I know I speak a weird and dying language, but just try to look at the bright side of something that you normally scowl at today.

If there is something you are dreading or wish you didn’t have to do today … focus on one good thing about that task or deadline or person and be a little optimistic that the day could be different that what you planned.

Slow commute? Use this time to breathe and reflect on what fun you can have this weekend. Grumpy boss? Think about them as a person with problems and their attitude isn’t all about you. Another kid’s event (10th in a row for the season)? Think about how much fun your child is having and give them the opportunity to shine.

A touch of optimism goes a long way, but don’t share too much of it all in one place (for some reason this seems to really piss people off)!

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