Monday, January 27, 2014

The Treasure of a Reflection

When we look in a mirror we see our reflection – the image of our self. However, so many of us look at other people – their appearance, their status, their wealth, their accomplishments – and compare our lives to theirs as if this could ever be an honest reflection.

How can we measure who we are, what we do and how we feel against someone else’s litmus test? This isn’t even apples to oranges – more like apples to space satellites or oranges to the ocean depths.

Young women used to have to deal with a psychological condition called Imaginary Audience Syndrome, the belief that you are always on display and people are watching you like an audience. Well this syndrome has evolved to encompass all ages and is no longer quite so imaginary. With social media, reality shows and the driving need for acceptance, we are all possible victims. And a lot of that drive for the audience acceptance is due to our warped sense of reflection.

Just for one day, let’s take a deeper look within ourselves and reflect on our own self worth. Let’s not keep up with the Joneses and instead build ourselves up from the inside out.

Look At That!

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