Saturday, May 10, 2008

40 Daze and 40 Knights - Day 1

Inspired by Misschris' 30-day project, I thought this would be the perfect tool to build my new habit and see things a bit differently. This is one of my favorite paintings. Guy bought it for me from a Beaux Arts sale a couple years ago. It is me. Unfinished. Red-headed. Looking off in wonder. I loved it. It's suspended from an orange frame on a red wall. It is my favorite.

I rehung it yesterday morning since it was crooked. Alone mornings are rare since Ronn and I spend most of our time together, nights especially. It is a treat to just
do my own thing without having to rush and I get to fill myself with "me-time". Another one of my favorite paintings is this blue guy by Zuder. He is a local artist, I try to buy locally, and this was a find, yet again from Guy.

The normal work morning followed and it's not too bad. I appreciate having a job and especially one I am good at. Lately my task has been to write brochures, magazine articles and a style guide -- that sets the Grammar Girl in me off and running. But instead of working out at the gym during lunch or knitting a new headband or purse, some of my coworkers and I went on a field-trip to my boss' house to see her horses.
This is Star and Frankie (that's only his temporary name). Mom and son. She has the richest coat and a delicate white spot on her head. Her eyes sang out with such beauty as she ate carrots from my hand. Frankie loves having his butt scratched and is still suckling, which expresses Star's motherly patience. I have to say it was the best field-trip I've had in a while. My boss said that when Star gets more like herself (she only gave birth a few weeks ago), I can come out and ride, which I haven't done in quite a while. The air was humid acting as a wave for the scent of hay and manure. In the open I don't mind the smell of animals mixed with dirt and sky. I wanted to stay there the rest of the day getting my fingers licked by Frankie and listening to the whinying (spelling) of Star and Crystal.

The day pressed on, and since it was a Friday, I was all ready for my weekend. Guy and I went to a Dali Zodiac Club Martini fundraiser at Nova Art Bar. The event was called Martini Madness and there were martini's, but the madness came with the 2 sip pours and the average catering. But that is all the negativity I will bestow upon this page. The art was great and the decor fab. It is a wondeful space and people watching was fantastic.

Unimpressed by the food choices and making sure that Guy was able to be seen, we left to go to our favorite haunt; Georgie's Alibi. I was tired and hungry and my feet hurt, though my shoes were fantastic black patent pumps that gave my calves a very luscious look. To end my photo jaunt though I needed something worthwhile to share with you all and I found it in this cool tattoo emblazoned on the bar-back's arm. He is a really cool guy with dogs and always a joke. No food was ordered, drinks were finished and we spent the rest of the evening hanging out at my house discussing of all things, Guy's work. He is working on a brochure and wanted my opinion since I have done some really cool pieces of direct mail advertising. As usual he argued with every suggestion, but that is just how we communicate. It's been going on for 17 years and it will be the same for the next 17.
So that was my first day's exploits. I am not sure what the day holds, but I will see it with new eyes and hopefully, once I get my memory card adapter, a new camera.

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misschris said...

Sounds like a fun day. Welcome to the blog world!