Friday, May 23, 2008

Lazy, Grazy, Hazy Daze – Day 12

Work has been so crazy and on Thursday, it wasn’t any different. The quarterly magazine goes to press next week so there are a crap load of ads to shoot, write and design. Also another one of the writers is out on her honeymoon, at the busiest time of the month, making each day something like living in a swell of vampires ready to charm you so they can easily suck the life out of you to meet their job requests. I wish I had a knob of garlic.

Gray and hazy outside, it was a day for sleeping or pluking or both. Around 3p.m. I had a sudden feeling of ho-hum that drove into my conscience making me wish I was at home in bed. Thankfully the Universe noticed my despair and offered me something a bit better than sitting at my desk trying to come up with another marketing stream of consciousness. A photo shoot.

One of the teams here is doing an ad for the magazine using a SmartCar. I loved the car, though I have yet to reach a hippy-enough mode to purchase one – I want instead the sports car. It was fun working with the photographer who was giving me some tips about cameras and shooting. He’s really good and always likes to share his expertise. The designer was there, as well and he imparted on me Photoshop techniques that he uses to work smarter, not harder. I need to get Photoshop on my laptop so I can play more instead of being tied to my den.

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