Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cookies in the Rain - Day 28

Friday was a day of feeling like crap. The medicine I am on makes me a bit ill in my tummy and compound that with a throbbing ankle – life hurts. I went into work and had to leave promptly there after. Of course this was the day that my battery decided to also be on its last legs so I had to buy one of those too. Oh the joys of auto ownership. And to think, I am considering having two of these to my name and driveway.
I sipped soda, which I only use for medicinal reasons, and laid around feeling like crap. I put all work aside and moped, then slept, which helped a tiny bit.
Barbara is a knitting and craft buddy, though she is so much better than I am at all things artsy. We also currently have another thing in common, our inactive feet. She broke her foot a few months ago and is slowly on the mend. There we sat, with our feet elevated snacking on olives from Mazzaros as the men folk chatted about golf and the rain came down.
Not wanting to cook, the foursome agreed on take-out pizza from my favorite place, Gianni’s. They just remodeled and the pizza is still wonderfully great, it’s all in the crust.
Barbara showed me a sock she is working on – her umpteenth pair I think, and said she could help me when I am ready to do socks. I started one about 5 months ago and got the top done, stopping at the heel since I no longer was a regular at the yarn store. Work sucks for screwing up my schedule.
I introduced her to Etsy, told her it would at least pay for her habit, and encouraged her to do more items.
And as the title states, there were cookies. Another Mazzaros delight, Jim and Barbara brought dessert of multicolor delights. Now I like sweets, but cookies aren’t usually my favorite. But for those that know, Mazzaros isn’t an average bakery. There treats remind me of the wondrous items I satiated myself with when in New York and Brussels. They are so wonderful and delicious that we were silent except for the moans of orgasmic, dessert elation.
Fruit filled or chocolate, sprinkled with colorful sugars or laced with powdered sweetness, these cookies are the best around. Take a bite.

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callenstewart said...

I {heart} Mazzaro's.