Thursday, October 2, 2008

40 Thanks

There are so many things that I didn’t get to put into this piece that I am truly grateful for. Here is a short list of 40, just to name a few. I am thankful for:

  • The way that keyboards sound when one is clicking the keys to write something fun.
  • Access to a world of nonsense and reality on YouTube.
  • Martinis, gummy bears and watching Celebrity Big Brother (all at the same time).
  • Getting the hang of a new job (focusing on what I am doing right, instead of worrying about what I may be doing wrong).
  • Playing with yarn and all its potential.
  • New pens (in all colors) and new paper to write on.
  • Cool mornings after a very hot summer.
  • Friends who come to visit from out of town.
  • To choose love over hate.
  • The nostalgia of old movie theatres and the Golden Age films they run.
  • A dust-free home.
  • Kitty cat nudges when I am feeling blue and crying.
  • Spending selective time with Ronn.
  • Looking at pictures from my past adventures to Italy, Belgium, France, Savannah, New York, Alaska and beyond.
  • Working from home at least one day a week (I get so much done and my chat time is replaced with laundry and dishes).
  • Cooking Light magazine since they have a wealth of recipes and such great pictures to entice me to create.
  • The aches the day after working out (makes me feel like I am really doing something great for my body).
  • Catching up on reading other people’s blogs and discovering new ones.
  • Hopes and dreams for a very happy future.
  • Knowing my true love is out there waiting to find me too.
  • Poetry (reading others and writing my own).
  • Gray days when the skies have been so sunny (a contrast is nice sometimes).
  • The crispness of celery (I love chomping on it and feeling satisfied and healthy at the same time, add some peanut butter and yummy doubled).
  • New lipstick since it always makes me feel prettier.
  • Catching up, with old friends I haven’t seen in a while and work buddies after a somewhat eventful weekend.
  • Long road trips when I am not in a hurry with music blasting and a great talking companion.
  • Helping others out whether it be a ride to a store or a reference for a new job.
  • Connecting to the source that binds us all after feeling so alone.
  • Scented showers after working out hard, or just working in the yard hard when I all sweaty and dirty.
  • A good tuna salad sandwich with pickles.
  • Cool days to knit in the park during lunch (we’ll be there soon – yippee).
  • Friends with skills I don’t have like the ability to build work benches, set up a wireless network or cut hair.
  • Neighbors that are truly helpful for both big and small things.
  • John McCain picking that dimwit Palin because I am sure now he will lose and we will get our government back on the right track.
  • The power of hope even during dark times (I know I wrote a piece on this before, but it is very important and needs to be repeated).
  • Having books as some of my best friends.
  • Still being friends with old boyfriends (it’s better than stalking and negative energy).
  • Learning something new each day.
  • Being alive especially when I feel like dying.
  • Living in St. Pete.


misschris said...

I'm so happy to be able to catch up on you again :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Great list!