Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Room Full of Naked Ladies

During these times of financial crisis we are all looking for ways to save some dough. Misty and Melissa are way ahead of the curve. Though neither have any issues with money, since they are two of the most successful women I know, they created the bi-annual Naked Lady Party. Lesbians and men relax. Unless you are a fashionista you would not find this the least bit erotically exciting. However, if you are a lover of women as it stands, and smarts one at that, then you may be enticed to look … just a little bit.
One of our hostesses with the most - Always stunning and oh so fashion savvy!
In Spring and Fall, the two big fashion seasons, these two smart and well-dressed ladies invite a plethora of other smart and well-dressed ladies (take that last one lightly since I am involved in the lot) to a party where we can trade in our old, but loved and still wearable clothes to get new ones. At least new to us.

This was the third one I have been to and was pleasantly surprised that there were some women there that weren’t a size 2. We ran the gamut from 0 to 18 and all looked smashing in our new duds. Not only a great way to get new clothes, this event also brings the best out in all of us as sisters who don’t needle or gossip, but coax and cultivate those around us. Brutal honesty the likes of “What Not To Wear” are coated in encouragement when the right garment is modeled.

Ladies, we all know what a great joy it is to find the perfect pair of jeans.

For instance, I tried on a dark rose-colored wrap shirt that had flecks of sparkling Lurex thread throughout. I modeled for myself and then asked Misty what she thought. With a wave of her hand and a brief regard of my torso she stated with an air of authority, “No, too old.” and went back to checking the rack for something else she could wear.

You may see this as rude, but if you knew Misty you would understand that she is too the point when asked her opinion and really only has your best interest at heart. Let me add that no one else said anything about the shirt which is another bad sign. On the other hand, when I tried on a full-length dark blue silk Asian-inspired dress, I was greeted with “That is so beautiful,” “You look great in that.” “As soon as I saw it I knew it was you” from a variety of half-dressed ladies. There was even the “You have to model this for everyone.” What encouragement.

But I wasn’t the only one to make a scene. Our rounded runway included a fabulous cocktail dress on a very voluptuous woman who was complimented by the donor with “Baby, your ta-tas are just loving that thing. Mine never acted that excited when I wore it.” There was the attendant who hadn’t worn jeans is more than 10 years and found the perfect pair to accentuate her curves and behind. In fact, her friend recommended a name change from Tia to TNA for how great they looked on her.

Perfectly dressed from head to ... toe!

This kind of swap meet allows women to also try things they would never pay good money for, but that could open up their worlds. I got a black shirt with a small pink bow in the front, not my normal style, but they gushed at how slimming it looked and at work I was complemented all day. CF, usually a denim girl with jeans, a jean jacket and a Steelers tee (in pink) as her favorite outfit was enticed to try on a slinky fuchsia top that left nothing to the imagination. In fact Misty called CF’s husband to let him know that there was a treat when his lady got home.

Misty’s mom, a beautiful woman that is in her …. I just can’t give her age since if you ever saw her you would never believe me, tried on a slinky top that met with whistles and “Hot Ma Ma” from the crowd. All in all it was a great day.

Breaking out of the shell and finding a new voice, CF you look great in that shirt and I know your husband wouldn't disagree!

And we’re not talking old hand-me-downs with worn spots or missing buttons. Everything there was high quality, with some being from boutiques and fine department stores and others spectacular finds from Ebay or choice thrift stores. I ended up with the above mentioned items, as well as a lime green top which when paired with a black suit really shows off my rosy complexion, a red and beige knitted sleeveless top that fits my form just right, a red suit with 3-button jacket and long skirt (which I will have tailored to fall just above the knee), a little black purse, a sparkling navy tank which I wore out that night to a play and a white sleeveless wrap cotton top that is crisp to the touch. The items that are left will be donated to CASA so even our leftovers will have much fan fare.

It may be Fall, but in Florida a sundress is always a great wardrobe addition.

I’m already recruiting people for the next event and have started my bag of goodies. For now, I am enjoying a week’s worth of clothes, coming up with new accompaniments for my other wardrobe items and feeling really pretty.


Rachel Moran said...

I always remember thinking CF had the body for some killer stuff like that. Nice!

misschris said...

Oh that sounds like fun!