Wednesday, November 19, 2008

40 Things I Love About St. Pete - It's A Torturous Town

This was going to be one entry, but it has turned into two since I think both need some exposure. The first being that St. Petersburg is not “God’s waiting room” as I have heard so often. Even a couple years ago when I was returning from Italy through JFK, the customs guy said, “Aren’t you too young to live there?” “It has changed, a lot,” I replied and grabbed my crap from his hands.
No. St Pete is really becoming a great place for people of all ages, and that includes all types of people. There are flashy condos downtown for the upwardly mobile; faux fancy restaurants for the young hipsters wanting to be seen; posh bars with a plethora of fab music; street fairs and markets for artists and foodies; dive bars for the losers like me who just want a drink; and music and tastes of all sorts and all kinds. This brings me to Friday night and the
Genitorturers concert. I have been following the band for only about 7 years and was drawn to them when I saw one of their adult shows at The Castle, a goth club in Ybor City.
Full of debauchery and salacious perversion, the band encompasses not only hard rock-and-roll, but a performance that draws me every time. Their adult shows include forms of sadomasochistic torture, with willing volunteers and enough nudity to keep the strip clubs closed for an evening. And that is both the audience and the crowd. Gen, the lead singer is a strutting siren belting out the likes of AC/DC and Divinyls covers, as well as their own original slapped-jawed raw rock.
To be honest, the music is only a minute part of the draw, it is the costuming and performance art that keeps me coming back for more. Friday night they played our renowned outdoor venue, Janus Landing for an all-ages show (meaning no real bondage and discipline, just acting out – right.) No old folks were there, I promise. The crowd included people like me, old punksters dressed all in black, but comfortable and Ronn who had the perfect opportunity to wear his Family Guy tee advertising the size of the Peter on the shirt. But then there were the party queens, goth models in leather, latex and electrical tape prancing through the crowd to latch on to their mohawked boyfriends’ arms. It was lovely. Once I wanted to be them and at the last show I did deck out in the vinyl corset, mini and fishnets, but it was just too cold to try that again.
Ronn loved the eye candy and I can’t blame him. On stage Gen drove those lost men to their deaths with her mistress motif and brash condemnations. Her backup dancers, if you want to call them dancers just to give them a title, relished the cool air clad only in electrical tape over their nipples and barely there thongs. Nothing was really left to the imagination as Gen molested and sodomized them on stage with the freakiest dildo I ever saw. I loved it. It was like a sex show in Amsterdam, but of course way tamer and it left me wanting more.
Sparks flew as one of the girls used a sander on her metal g-string and her moans of orgasmic bliss rocked down upon us. I couldn’t help but sing along to “I Touch Myself” and drive Ronn into even a further frenzy, and I liked it. I used to be all into the goth and D/s scene, but then along came a real job, a few more pounds and the lack of will to work that hard.
One man I used to date was a whip maker, leather and such, and had created whips and other art pieces for the band. He referred to himself as a sensual sadist, but I am not sure where sensual came in. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, that didn’t last long, though I did get a mini flogger out of the deal. I know the band follows this alternative credo, but I am not sure how much of the audience were imbedded into that way of thinking and playing. I have a feeling that a few just had extra cash to shop at the easily accessible Hot Topic (we didn’t have it so easy when I was 20, but I won’t go into a Michael rant.)
So there you have it, not all retirees. There are young punks, submissive sluts, matronly mistresses, perverse gentlemen, excited exhibitionists and very satisfied voyeurs in St. Pete, you just have to look for them, if you are really interested.
As a side note, that same night there were two other events going on, allowing for different aspects of our town to wander. Ribfest hosted STYX (ugh) and the Dome was housing the Home Show. It takes all kinds to make a cool town like this.

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