Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Song List

I have been spending my mornings, two so far, riding my bike. I thought it was toast since it had been over a year since I rode and the tires were flatter than flat. But in the despair of having to move my body the other night I pumped up the tires and set loose. This morning I went out for about 30 minutes and explored the adjacent neighborhoods checking out the menagerie of different era homes and landscaping (all big in my sights with the re-dos I am in the process of doing.) Trees are filled with tangerines and oranges and snowless lawns sparkle instead with sweated dew.

I let the iPod pick the tunes and it really did a fine job starting me off with Alive and Kicking (Simple Minds) which got my blood flowing and the burn in my thighs ignited. Respect (Aretha) set me on my path, in yes a clich├ęd way, as to why I am working so hard to take care of myself. This Corrosion (Sisters of Mercy) sent me to those nights spent in the clubs and finding my niche with the night people (so not me now). As I started to slow down, Rock This Town strung me up to pump even harder and Brian Setzer’s sexy jazz voice made me remember that I used to love dancing to this beat. The iPod then chose Electric Barbarella (Duran Duran) showcased the damned desire for perfection that some people seek no matter how shallow. My mood started to falter as the endorphins seemed to rise and fall (I didn’t know they would do that when one was still in the throws of exercise) and Natural One (Folk Implosion) revved me up again with a drum beat to die for. Finally to slow down, but not pass out In Bloom (Nirvana) rang through my ears and let me work into my day nicely.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I felt very alive, very fit and even a bit thinner just taking care of myself. I think this will be a new habit and I wonder what the iPod gods have in store for my ears and soul tomorrow.

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