Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doubting Patricia

My Finn, He's such a brute - look at the carnage he leaves behind!
I doubted I would feel as good as I do today. I was so achy yesterday from my workout that I was sure it would last for another day or two, but I was wrong, thankfully. As the pounds drop from all this moaning and groaning, lifting and squatting, and spinning and curling, I am pleased with my stamina. Put all my woes in one bucket and it isn’t even half full. Working a half day with the garage sale yesterday made me want to relax today.

I’ve found that if I plan out my menu for the week on Sunday, I am more likely to stick to it, therefore saving time, money and losing weight. The weight loss has been slow since there has been so much going on, but my routine is always going to be challenging. I need some semblance of a mindless path, and making little chores for me helps. Of course when Finn gets here, it will all change.

Speaking of Finn, only 11 more days. I am so excited. I still need to get a kennel, a bed, doggie dishes (need food dishes for Lassie too), food and treats. I have plenty of stuffed toys (I need to take the plastic eyes off and sew up the holes a la dead cartoon characters) and I am knitting him a blanket for his bed. I think I may make him a bed at some point, or a pillow or something along those lines. When he gets bigger I can make him a collar and some clothes that he will hate me for.
Polly wants out of her bath!
We gave the puppies their first bath today at Patty’s and working in assembly-line fashion we really got it grooving. They looked so cute water logged and wondering what else we had in store for them. In the evening Patty and Jim came over to Ronn’s for dinner. I felt like the cool mom at the kool-aid house with Ronn, Jim and Patty all rocking out to a Godsmack video while I labored in the kitchen cooking steaks, roasting potatoes, sautéing mushrooms and tossing salad. I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tomorrow I hope for less leg pain and maybe a bike ride.

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