Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sell Sell Sell

The day started early for us as Guy, Ronn and I forced ourselves from slumber at around 6 a.m. so we could get the plethora of crap (treasures) assembled for the masses. We hung signs and clothes, organized knick-knacks and drank coffee to keep us warm.

It started out slow, but picked up immediately, I think that may have been do to the signs we made and hung in the gayborhood next door. It was a blessing is disguise since the Manhattan from the night before was still making my brain damp. That soon cleared and I was ready to wheel and deal for a few hours.

We stayed open a little later than we planned, but it was worth it. Most of my stuff is now in other people’s hands and I say “Good riddance.” My pockets, though not bulging with money, hang low do to the weight of all the quarters I collected (I may be able to fill up my coin jar with this adventure.)

Afterward we cleaned up and feeling a bit tired and weak (that was from the hard-core Body Sculpt class I took yesterday) I started collecting more things from the house to sell for the next time. I had a pretty big chip on my shoulder sustained by my success with this sale, but I just count my blessings and see how lucky I am.

I think this may be a new hobby for me. I really enjoyed the characters that came to my sale from the Asian man who wanted everything for $2 that was priced $10, to the couple of ladies who came in their pajamas and bickered about who was a bigger pack rat, to the cool goth mom who enjoyed all my Death stuff and lace gloves.

I enjoyed every second except for the set up and sign making. Guy was in a mood and I just couldn’t deal with it. He was bored and isn’t really the garage selling kind of guy since he doesn’t interact with the customers and wants to make a profit on everything. The reason behind garage sales is to get rid of your junk and make some cash, not making a profit.

In any case, it went well. I was so tired by the end that I put it all away, asked my neighbor for some whiskey and relaxed the rest of the evening.

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