Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day Dawns

My week has been reeling with the unprecedented exposure Americans have received do to the inauguration of our new president, President Obama that is. I just love saying that and get teary-eyed each time.

I had a bird’s-eye view from the multitude of television stations broadcasting the festivities. Starting out with NBC in the morning, testing Fox (they went to commercial of course), then to CNN and MSNB on separate TVs. You’ve got to hand it to our liberal media, they really know how to cover an event. That evening, I joined many like-minded people at the Gulfport Inaugural Ball. A bit for the oldish sensibilities with the closest song to my era being “What I Like About You” by the Romantics, the ball was a nice place to celebrate such a fabulous day. Renee, Guy and a worthwhile group of know-it-alls joined me in the festivities as we oohed and aahed over Michelle’s gown (quite tasteful) and the new president’s fancy footwork (nice!)
Bush was gone and all was well, even though people are still losing their homes and their jobs, but we finally have hope again!!!!
And finally I am proud to be American!

But the rest of the week carried on with only the feeling of the new regime in my heart and head, but still no change in my general day-to-day tasks. Saturday I am having a garage sale (the next step at decluttering.) Guy and Ronn are joining me and we have a crap load of stuff for those with eclectic tastes. From mannequins (mine), to vinyl records (Guy) and stylish home d├ęcor (Ronn) we are sure to at least make some cash. I need it too. With my new addition, Finn, I need funds for the vet, food and other puppy accessories.
This will not be the last of my garage sales, but only the first as I am already planning on having a table at the Crescent Lake Sale. I think with that one I will include some knitted items like scarves, dog collars and other simple accoutrements that people appreciate. If I had scarves this time, I would sell them, but I gave my stash away at Christmas.

After that, I figure once a season I will encourage strangers to come to my home and finger all my treasures selling them to the highest bidder and donating other specks for a tax write off. What’s a girl to do??

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