Sunday, April 5, 2009

Circle of Life - Poem Day 5

Today's prompt was about landmarks. So for those of you who don't drive I-275 in St. Pete, you may be unfamiliar with the metallic sculpture of a lizard eating a fly on the top of the St. Pete Police garage at 5th Ave. There are several metallic lizards in the area, but most are of futuristic (or maybe our ancestry) lizard men. This was just a natural lizard doing a natural thing like eating a fly. If I get a picture of it soon I will post it so you can see how fascinating it is.

Shining silver-flecked reptile
Poised in the sky
Savoring his replicated fly
In the heated sunlight.
Gray and bitter lizard
Grasping over the edge
As multicolor cars race past
On the intertwined highway.
One metallic insect
Feeding one metallic lizard
On a metallic warehouse
Home to replacement cop cars.
A symbol, a sign, a metaphor?
Or just a recycled way of using cars
No longer housing criminals
Dimming the fuzz buzz.

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