Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dog Gone Crazies!!!!

Today was puppy day. Tuttie hosted a shindig for me, the other McGovern girls and a friend of hers. It was delightful mayhem as I brought my two terrors, Patty brought her 4, Janet the single Shaggy and Sandy brought Daisy, Finn and Polly’s sister. The weather couldn’t have been better, and it was great to see the MGs. I don’t get to see Janet too often or even Tuttie for that matter. We used to get together a few times a year for the State Fair, Green Thumb Festival, birthdays, a picnic now and then, and Busch Gardens. Schedules change, as do dynamics, and now it is only once in a while. One particular reason we don’t hang much is a weirdness known as the new girlfriend. M, my ex, introduced me to his sisters and when we broke up (which was all pleasant) I kept hanging out with the sisters. Years later when he started shacking up with this new chick all of that changed since she doesn’t like me. I was taken aback when I found out that he has requested I don’t join in for family things like the Fair and birthdays, but I accepted that she was their family now, and I was a distant cousin. So it was nice to be with the pack, if only for a day.
Tuttie has a cool house a bit north of here and she was kind enough to host this puppy party even though she is sans canine. The puppies romped in the back yard playing with one another and their daddy, Duncan while the older (and bigger) dogs chose to hide out in the shrubs. We shared stories and laughs along with the simple pleasures of pizza and beer. Lazy days. Which was good since I was still recovering from the night before with Guy, Shawn, Lu and Michelle.
I would like to schedule a couple more of these doggie soirees since by backyard is now fenced in. Keep it small and casual with lots of puppy love.

Here is the poem for the day appropriately prompt to be about animals.

Prized for luminescent mobile homes,
Snails bring to life the virtue of patience.
Striving not to go far, but leaving a mark,
They slither through my garden.
The trail they leave illuminates their path,
Over step and stone to leave and limb.
My outdoor brethren tease the puppies,
And spur me on to stop and think.
What I most love about snails,
Is the lustrous flavor they bring to my tongue.
Whether swimming in garlic butter or
Floating in a sea of gorgonzola sauce,
They make their presence known
In such wonderful ways.