Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fridge of Fame and Shame

Guy’s refrigerator is like a shrine to more than 10 years of parties, friends, weddings and other happenings. The front and sides are caked with pictures, cut-outs, phrases and magnets that define his life and his attitude about life. Though many have had the honor of being provided a spot on this Swingin’ Beach Pad Fridge of Fame, certain spots of memory stand out.

Madonnaween 2002
Cathy (who we have also come to call Madonna) was in her crowning glory. There is nothing she doesn’t know about her idol. Growing up in the same town as the not-so-virginal one, Cathy is a kindred spirit taking on convention and casting it off like last week’s fur. The focus of this party was Madonna in any interpretation. Guy even made a movie about it (which recently went off to be screened at a prestigious film festival) and the memories linger like Madonna’s earlier porn films.

We had in residence not only the material girl in all her incarnations, but also Guy Richie, backup dancers, security and, of course, Jesus who drove a gremlin. My rendition of this theme was a stretch since Madonna really isn’t my thing. I went with my boyfriend of the moment, Mic who was Andy Warhol and I was a factory girl. We figured that if Andy would have lived Madonna would have been part of his entourage, or him part of hers.

In the background is Heidi as the Erotic Madonna with vinyl and a whip – oooooooooh.
Another Halloween bash, the first one, say 1997, there was no theme, but that didn’t matter since this crowd only needs one prompting for a reason to dress up. This photo is Diane, a sprite English bird dressed in her prom dress, well not hers, but you know, and two delectable and well-built angels at her side. These parties condoned bare bodies, which were usually men or women with strategically placed pasties on certain areas. This year though I got my nickname of Wednesday, since I was a fabulous Wednesday Adams.
That same year the Tracy family topped everyone with the Wizard of Oz. Possibly conceived by Dorothy (Chris Tracy) the family went all out using their stage skills in makeup and costume to really show everyone up. Even the dog, that is really a pitbull. Just kidding. Unfortunately, a few years after this was taken, their brother died and Chris followed this past year. They will be greatly missed.
The ever hip music fan, Guy went all the way to New York to see his favorite band, after Blondie and Madonna, the Scissor Sisters. He couldn’t resist getting his picture taken with the band and wearing is SS cap for the next 4 years.

Another great band that performed at Guy’s house one Thanksgiving was Joan’s old ragtime group. They had come together for their last performance, sort of like the Beatles on top of Apple Studios, in Guy’s back yard. The party carried on into the wee hours and as you can see hip is cool at any age.
Sometimes people come to the Swingin’ Beach Pad all dressed up for not apparent reason except they can. This group of drag queens and pimp are an example. New Year’s is a time to celebrate and to start resolutions, including looking fabulous at all times. Don’t they look great???!!! I am envious though that men can look so much better than me.
This montage features Christmas done right with Guy, Patrick, Karalinda and Aimee. The one below is another Halloween themed Alice’s Mad Tea Party (where everyone were served cocktails in tea cups.) And of course, Liberace.

Getting ready to welcome in a new decade, this is from 1999 when the Whinzy Twins, Todd and Karalinda, covered their house in mylar and blue bottles. We spent days helping them set up and enjoyed every moment, though I missed the actual New Year’s Eve celebration since I was in New York.

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