Monday, April 13, 2009


Today’s poem prompt is Hobby.


Hi there.
Banded together
We place our desires before us
Posting what everyone refuses to say,
We do our best to be intimate
And yet anonymous
Giving new meaning to the term “job”
Beginning a beautiful acquaintance
Lies to you
Lies to me
Acting like we really care
Selfish, alone and with a schedule,
The safest way to play and leave,
Virtualized passion quenches us
For a time in another world,
Computing fun with voice to ear,
We are an open source of lust,
With no power struggles
Or builded expectations.
Just a good bye and hang up.

I have many hobbies that I hope to one day be able to make a living at. Cooking is just one of them. I love to cook and have considered getting into the personal chef business helping busy, corporate people eat well. Right now may not be the time, but I’m always practicing. When I wasn’t working, I would cook continuously creating a plethora of soups and stews, salads, entrees and desserts that my friends would taste test letting me know what works and what doesn’t.

I would spend many nights perusing cookbooks and magazines, as well as the Internet looking at my own kind of porn – recipes and techniques. I still get a chill when one of my cooking magazines comes in the mail or when I get the drive to go to the library and stack my arms with cookbooks from all over. When traveling, I always pick souvenirs of food and food stuffs. I am an addict.

If it wasn’t for my weight, it would be a harmless addiction, but I just love food. So I took the challenge of taking my favorite treats and making them fit into plan. I have also decided that for my birthday instead of new shoes or jewelry, I am going to stock my pantry with food stuffs so I can cook pretty much anything at anytime.

This is the hobby that I can share and I am lucky I have so many willing guinea pigs to help. If I could, I would spend all day creating luxurious wonders and sharing them with those I love.

Recently I bought a Chinese cookbook magazine thing. It was $1 at the store so I had to get it and it was one of the best dollars I ever spent. There are easy recipes for pot stickers, soups, chow mein, orange beef and so much more. I think I may also take a day to cook and freeze for my birthday so I can treat myself well for the month after that. Oh how I love to chop, and shop and cook and sauté and bake and devour. Even cleaning is OK when one is satisfied. Like sex, cooking just keeps getting better.

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