Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Well it’s Tuesday so this is another two-fer prompt; either write a love poem or an anti-love poem. This is going to be hard. I have to be in the mood to write about love. I am not in the mood. Love is something that escapes me. Let me put it this way, romantic love doesn’t escape me, only the men who profess it escape me (or I escape them.) But I am not bitter. I still believe in love and that it is out there for me. I guess my anti-love thoughts would be about patience and waiting. I really don’t love either one of them.

So here goes:
In Love With Love

No man has suited me as my imagination does,
Human fault and whims blemish the common joe,
Where romantic and esteemed imagery smiles on.

To dream with book and poem in hand,
He can not give me what I need in real time,
A spirit too frail and selfish, he resides below.

So my quest continues in mucky marsh,
A knight to reign above all others,
Found only in my wistful erotic dreams.

Do you even exist in flesh and blood,
Breathing promises you will keep into my ear,
And begging for my heart in return.

Go on in the dark and shadowed world,
Ethereal, yet natural to my needs,
I am in love with love and that is all.

I am really the last person to talk about love, except of course a serial killer. I have been in love twice and have loved many times. I loved my first boyfriend, Mark who was a blond, Arian, republican (how did that happen??) He was my first boyfriend when I was 17. We broke up since I had to stay home for two weeks thanks to mono (which he probably gave to me) and he just couldn’t handle it. Then there were guys in college, but they didn’t count.

Sean was the next and the worst. An abuser and all-around idiot, this skinny pussy had anger issues since he hadn’t come out of the closet yet. Then came Lee. He was the rock-n-roller who was a fabulous lover and an even more fabulous sociopath. These were all men I loved, but was never in love with. That was left to understand in my 30s.

In love to me is that cohesion, that desire to give of ones self and find even great fulfillment as two more than one. I guess I am still looking, but like that lady on “Britain’s Got Talent” I may still have the chance to find my dream, even now. Love you all.

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