Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Favorite Etsy Things - This Week

When I need a bit on inspiration for anything creative and feel the pull to be self-employed I find my way to Etsy. My meanders find themselves lost in the maze of what-ifs and why-nots as I peruse the cool items and either picture myself (or my home) adorned in beauty or as an artsy-craftsy rock star.

Some of my favorite finds today included my friend Renee’s page with all her whimsical glory. Right now she is working on illustrating a children’s book for a local writer and has been experimenting more and more with painting pots for spring and designing kid’s d├ęcor.

The Creative Redhead really caught my attention with her mallard duck pin. I love her detailed little works and thought how they would make not only great gifts, but the perfect little gift for me when I meet a weight-loss marker. Plus her pear paintings are just divine for my new kitchen.

My love of flowers and my love of jewelry came together in the perfect marriage with a dash of sexy when I discovered FancifulForm. The flower forms are wonderful pieces and I saw a fabulous silver bowl at IKEA that they would look perfect in. I love the smaller rings too and the black floral pendants (it’s the goth in me showing.) Double that with the fact that she does this for her full-time job and I am hooked.

Playing on my love of all things sweet, especially to bake I came across the Cupcake Mint and fell in love not just with the sweet treats, but the logistics as well. I wonder what it would take to do something local like this and maybe set myself up for the holidays. (See in a way Etsy is safe for me since I love to purchase the items on its beautiful pages, but I am even more inspired about being one of those fantastic people.)

Lastly is my other favorite, photography. Alicia Bock’s work really caught me. Here eye is fantastic and her subjects reflect a dreaminess. I love her technique and want to grab my camera and get shooting, along with everything else.

So those were my finds today. Please take a look and share what you love.

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