Monday, May 18, 2009

A Peppery Prescription

Ronn has taken the high road and kept experimenting with food even while is kitchen is in a shambles from the redesign. This week his recipe was with me in mind.

We now have a large bottle of pepper vodka. Ronn infused several fresh peppers of all heats with a few quarts of vodka. He let it sit for about a week and broke the seal to unveil a hot treat with a “green” essence. I love it.
Most pepper vodkas that you commercially buy have a smoky peppery taste, but this is all green like a vine-ripe jalapeno. Paired with tomato juice with a splash of olive juice and you have one fierce concoction. I actually had to tone down the heat with some regular Russian fuel, but it’s all good. He even got a recipe for a tropical spiced concoction melding pineapple juice with the hot stuff like a Thai cocktail. We have yet to try it, but I think it may be a new favorite.

Not one to waste anything, especially food, I am going to process the drunken peppers and mix them with vinegar for a southern hot sauce to keep and share. I remember vinegared hot peppers on the table when I was very little and at my dad’s family’s house. It is a great topper for greens and fried food, as well as okra and tomatoes.

And speaking of tomatoes, Ronn garnished our bloody marys with homegrown tomato wedges from his own garden. Juicy and sweet, these red orbs really made it all special.


misschris said...

yum! I'd love to make the peppery vodka.

Tales from TV said...

That sounds so awesome! Yumm!!