Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pizza and Burgers - Yes I Am Being Healthy

Pizza for Breakfast ... YES!

Burgers for Dinner - and I am still on plan!

Clutter is a sign of an artistic mind. An overstuffed and unorganized refrigerator is the sign of a slob, i.e. me. My fridge is a stockpile of wishful thinking and lost causes. Jars of vindaloo sauce mingling with red curry paste which once begged for my attentions are now stand-offish and aloof on the back of the shelf. Forgotten sliced onions and halves of cucumbers and peppers cry at the promises I refused to keep just a couple weeks ago. And Tupperware encased leftovers shun me as I them, perfumed with a rancid odor that once was a delight.

It has been months since I cleaned out this vortex of forgotten food. In fact, it was right before the Thanksgiving feast when I knew I would need room for the gargantuan amounts of food I slaved over to cook in 8 hours. But now is the time since to have a perfect meal plan I need a perfect storage plan.

Haven’t touched it in months, throw it away like those leather pants I wore only once when I found my ass looking a bit too big even as I sweated away 10 pounds in one evening of wear. Scrub the drawers and shelves erasing spills and cast off the bonds of do-gooders as I restrict my planning to something more aware.

Once glistening, I refill with all the proper refrigerated items I need for this week, particularly the mounds of produce I procured at the veggie market this morning. I have promised myself to have 2/3 of what I have on my plate be veggies and/or fruit. No hard task for me since I love the stuff. But now comes the prepping and bagging in those cute green bags that earnestly guarantee to keep food fresher longer. I feel more alive and in control with a clean fridge and kitchen. Now to mess it up.

Starting with breakfast pizza. I was inspired by a more intricate pizza-like thing in some magazine a while ago. I dressed it up as my own with what I had.

1 whole wheat tortilla
3 handfuls fresh spinach
Roasted red pepper
1Tbsp low fat ricotta
1 egg

Cook the spinach in a little Pam or olive oil on the stove until wilted. In a pie pan, layer the tortilla with spinach, sliced red pepper, ricotta and egg in the center. Cook in a 400 degree oven for about 5 minutes. Then turn it to broil and cook until the egg is done to your liking. Plus remember to salt/pepper at each stage.
It was a pretty nice treat for a Sunday morning with the kids and only 4 points.

Dinner is a bit decadent sounding: burgers with chimichurri sauce, roasted cauliflower and roasted tomatoes. OK not so decadent, but it is burgers.

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