Friday, July 17, 2009

WWJCD - What Would Julia Child Do?

Mich enjoying the fruits of her labor!

I have discovered something 7 years old and soon to be a movie, but I feel like I have found it first since it is new to me. Julie and Julia: the blog. I love it. I can relate.

I have a thing about lists and parameters and restrictions in a totally unconventional sense of the word anal. I have often thought of taking whole books and translating each recipe into proof that there is great food out there, but I seem to have a problem with following all the rules. For instance, when I look at a recipe, I 9 times out of 10 will put it away after reading and attempt the exercise virtually from memory. The recipe becomes the inspiration, the muse as it were, for my practicum.

But back to the blog. I truly appreciate symmetry and the effort of following an order. This is reinforced with the book I am currently reading for my next book club meeting, The Know It All. It is about a man’s struggle to read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica. I once tried to read and memorize the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, but I only got to the third chapter and had to give up since I got bored or a boyfriend or both.

The movie that will be coming out soon, if it hasn’t already premiered, won’t be quite as good as the blogs though since I love to read and listen to people narrate more than to watch them do it. But then again I could be wrong. Within the first few entries, I am inspired by the descriptions of delicious delicacies and have noticed that if you switch a couple of the butters that Julia Child prescribes with shortenings you have Paula Deen. I will suggest at our Wednesday night lesson that we should tackle French cuisine, if they already haven’t (which they probably have, but even JC’s cookbook has more than 500 recipes.) I just have to figure a way to make them a bit more healthy and still yum.

On another note, tonight I will be blessed with bites from Michelle’s kitchen. Not sure what grub she’s making, but I know it will be lovely. She has been on a very healthy kick lately, cutting out all butter and sugar and such, and still making it taste nice. I like her practicality, it’s a nice change of pace from my ramblings. To increase the health-conscious mentality of the evening there has been a promise made of swimming. I haven’t swam in her pool in a couple years and look forward to the refreshment. All in all a good evening, and the perfect start to the weekend.

Mich outdid herself with something a bit more international than the normal Italian-inspired fare she shares with me. We had Thai chicken on the grill, cold green beans with a lemon vinaigrette and a pinot grigio to quench our thirst. And to outdo herself as usual, she made homemade whipped cream!!!! To die for.

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