Friday, July 24, 2009

Starting the Weekend with a Splash

Sometimes there is nothing better than a quiet start to a busy weekend. By quiet I mean still entertaining, with a dab of drama and plenty of good friends.
Guy, Mary and Patrick

Whoever said “Part of the fun is getting there” didn’t have puppies in tow. Really it’s no big deal because I love them so much, but getting them ready to go to the Swingin’ Beach Pad, as well as getting my own crap together can be a bit stressful. I just work methodically through it and somehow it all gets done.

The Pad was hoppin’ with Guy, Patrick, Yiwen and Shawn enjoying intoxicants and getting everything ready for the Bar-B-Q. It’s also a celebration of Mary’s birthday so that added a touch of stress, but not for me. It really is a comforting place for me. The past 19 years, I have sought solace within this house and even caused a commotion once or twice. As Homer Simpson says, “Alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

They're called Dunkin Donuts, they never said you couldn't dunk 'em in a Cosmo

The first time I came to put my feet up at the Pad, it hadn’t been named yet. I was friends with Elaine who was Guy’s roommate and she invited me over to watch TV and just sit around and lay out in the sun. Guy’s mom and dad were down and when his mother asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner I declined since it was Good Friday and I couldn’t eat meat. She instantly fell in love with me then and offered to make vegetarian things for me.

No slivovic? What kind of party is this?

When Elaine moved out and I moved in with her just around the corner, Guy and I became fast friends. He has been there for me ever since through heartache, heartbreak and joy, he has been my rock. We tackled his cancer together, shared tears together and have crafted so many private jokes that it probably sounds like twin-speak to others.

Many a holiday has been celebrated there from the decade of Halloween parties, to new Year Celebrations, to birthdays, and Thanksgivings on the beach (what could be finer.) And this birthday was no different, it had all the elements of a Swingin’ Beach Pad party – no matter how big or how small.

There was the old crowd: Guy, Patrick and I. There were new people, at least to me: Neil and Maureen. There was drama: Mary and Pavil buying a house, Shawn moving away and the other Shawn and his wife Laura getting divorced. There was food uncommon to a regular boring barbeque with Andouille Sausage and marinated chicken along with burgers and dogs. There was disappointment: no slivovitz. There were old stories: mostly from Mary and Maureen and Patrick who all went to high school together and included stories about people who weren’t there to defend themselves. And of course a tiara and pictures.

Guy threatens that he will be moving, but that has gone on for 10 years. If he ever does it will be a sad day since there are so many memories in my Pad away from home. For those of you who have visited the Pad, please share your favorite moments in the comments. I know you too have been touched.

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