Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fry and Fry Again

Note to Self – no more garage sales in the heat of summer. Though I am trying to stay very positive in these posts, I unfortunately am overshadowed (which would have provide coolness) about the garage/art sale we were apart of on Saturday. ARTPool had a big outdoor yart sale with original works, cool retro things and all kinds of mish-mash items.

I stayed with Guy selling his stuff, my stuff, Kelli’s stuff, Shawn’s stuff and whoever else’s stuff. It sort of got on my last nerve, but that could have been the over 100 degree heat. Thankfully we had a tent. So that will start off the list of good things about Saturday’s sale (since I need to put my mind in a better place):
* We had a tent so it felt more like 98 degrees instead of 106.
* I made $4 after paying for my lunch and a gallon of waters.
* I got to meet
Marina (The owner of ARTpool) who is really cool
* Renee got a space in ARTpool for her work
* Got to meet Joanna a really cool artist who rehashes vintage bags into funky pieces of wearable art.
* Got some inspiration.
* Got to try Freedom Fries from the Chatterbox restaurant across the street. I thought the name was so dumb at first, but after I tried them, I figured they were so good he could call them whatever he wanted.
* Took home some free cookbooks from Shawn and jewelry from Joanna, so I actually took home more than I brought. Afterward we made the crawl all sweaty and messy to Georgie’s, downed a couple margaritas which were so delicious and back to get ready for dinner.

It just was and wasn’t my day, all at the same time. The food at the stand-by Mexican place we always go was pretty poor, but the crowd was great with all the old favorites. It also gave me time to catch up with Liz, a photographer and mom whose recent adventures took her to New Mexico on a photo safari of sorts. Her work is amazing and hopefully she’ll be getting a Web site up soon so I can direct you there. She is as greatly inspired by the West and Southwest as I am by city architecture and cemeteries. We actually threw around the idea of starting a women’s artist collective to help support each other and inspire one another. I’ll let you know how that goes.

We finished the evening off with a quick nightcap at the Pro Shop and went on our ways … Until next time.

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