Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ms Green Thumb

Well Chris and I attempted another go at kayaking today and as luck would have it, we only got in the water and had to turn around do to lightning.

So instead Chris was the bestest friend in the world and he spent hours helping me landscape my front yard. It looks very beat down now, but as the plants get established I will have a sweet front yard. Chris picked through his own jungle to give me
some scraps and was even nice enough to send photos and names so I would be able to chat about my yard like a pro botanist.

Out of our normal state, we planted things very symmetrically, with a touch to make them not so perfect (I hate perfect for me). It’s a mixture of plants that compliment each other like aloe vera, flapjack succulents, jade plants, cow’s tongue and stepelia succulents with Gloriosa lilies, bromeliads, white spider lilies and African iris. We set off the corners with clusters of dark pink, light pink and white plumerias.

He really inspires me. When Chris walks around my yard he has so many ideas and tells me the best places to get the things I need. With the Black Stem Colocasia in a rock laden pot, I can really make my iron tub into a water garden since it already acts like a maternity ward for tree frogs. He said I could put lilies in there as well. I still have a few things to put into the ground, since we had both gone brain dead from the sun, so tonight I will check those out. A lot of those things need shady areas which I have plenty of in my back yard.

There is nothing like having a nice garden to walk in and to relax in. And a jolt like this, even on a hot day, makes me want to do even more work. It’s a lot for one person, but thankfully I have wonderful friends like Chris to help out. When it is done, or at least close to done, I will have a big dinner in the Italian style in the back so we can all enjoy it.

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