Sunday, August 23, 2009

Empty House

My neighbor left today and I feel very blue. I gave him a hug and we promised to keep in touch, but I know we won’t. I really miss him since I felt very safe next to him and thought of him as a friend. The ladies in the neighborhood are having cocktails to wish him well since we will all miss the studly fiend.

I hope someone cool moves in – if the universe is taking orders I have quite a list.

Jeff has been a great neighbor, always there for me and willing to help out. We have spent a few evenings just sitting on the porch talking about nothing and feeling the weight of the world evaporate from our shoulders. I used to get caught up in his blue eyes, like some get caught up in mine. He is an old soul with a lot to learn and a lot of wisdom. I miss his watchful eyes, his brotherly advice and his way of being so non-politically correct that it was real. Good Luck.

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