Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Me Weekend


As last weekend was a whirlwind of people and places to see, this weekend is the polar opposite with the only similarity being the heat. I dwelled in cube land all day thinking only of what to do with my three days of Just Me Bliss. (No wonder I had a hard time figuring out how cloud computing and virtualization make the world go round.)

Coming off the Julia and Julie high I have been on for weeks, I set about with a very flexible plan to make this weekend just as exciting as the last, just with less people and spending less money. As an INFJ, I need a plan at all times. Flying by the seat of my pants is not recommended for my sanity and since there is only a smidgeon left, I had to treat it with care.

Food – cook new recipes from the South Beach books that have yet to be returned to the library. See Julia’s book was being requested by another resident on the waiting list, but South Beach books are free and clear to be re-checked out as often as my little carb-free heart desires. Plus, as my last entry got me thinking, I want to go through at least some of the printed-out recipes I have and see what I can make. You ask, Just for one person? Well there is always another work week and willing guinea pigs to chow down on my leftovers.

Love – Spending more time with the kids is necessary for not only my heart, but theirs as well. I have missed them so. Unfortunately it is too hot to do much outside, but we can play inside and make time for kitties too. Maybe even catch up with some old friends.

Art – Knitting!!! Even better knitting flowers. Since there are so many projects I want to do (preferably knit flowers) I will work on those I already started and tease myself with the knitty bits. How to do this with the pups around is another thing to plan out since they don’t like when I take their yarn.

Exercise – I have rejoined the Y and am looking forward to getting back on the ball this weekend (that sounded naughty). I quit WW and my office gym giving myself an extra $15 a month after paying for the Y. It is closer to my home, has more to offer and now even has dance classes – sweet.

Rest – There is something to be said for lounging around. I lounged at Patrick’s, but this weekend is alone rest time and I get to choose what to watch and when. Plus there is nothing else exciting beckoning me to leave the comfort of my couch and bed. So far I have “Repo: The Genetic Opera” and “The Secretary” to watch. I’ve been waiting for the right moment for “Repo”, and found that the small cinema near my house has a group that is doing auditions for the piece. It’s sort of like a Rocky Horror Musical Thing. I was going to watch it with Guy, but that never transpired so I get this weekend for Just Me. Then there’s “The Secretary”. This is the second time I am watching the stunningly cute as he got older, James Spader and the wild Maggie G as they perform the rituals so many couples desire in their bedrooms. My first time was with a boyfriend who was very into the oh so nice on the outside, dirty on the inside theme (but the rest of that story is documented only in my memoirs).

So that is what I have planned. Don’t know if I will blog or not since that seems like I am being social and sometimes Just Me time is about being well … Just Me.

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